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Reports of the Multi Forex Expert Advisor «D-FX S&T 5.21»

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Automate making money right now!
$165 purchase refund

If you are a client of Instaforex broker and you have deposited your trading account with 165$ or more, you will receive plus another 165$ in bonuses.

Fast payback

Depending on the initial deposit and selected risks, forex expert advisors recouped from 1 day to several months.

Lifetime Updates

All subsequent updates of acquired expert advisors are free for active accounts for life.

Easy to use

You need only once to install and configure the adviser with detailed video instructions. Everyone can handle this.

Competent Support

We provide customer support using voice communication over Skype or in text mode during business hours.

Scalable business

The ability to connect the service to copy your transactions by subscribers and receive commissions for this up to 50% of subscribers’ profits.

Getting Started

Open a trading account

STEP 1: Opening a Trading Account

A trading account is necessary for anyone who wants to make money on Forex. Let’s open one for you!

Go to the page with recommended brokers and below you will find instructions for opening trading accounts for each of them. Choose a suitable broker and open a trading account with him.

Now that you have your own trading account, it’s time to choose and purchase a forex advisor!

Let`s do this on the next step.

Choose expert advisor

STEP 2: Choosing and Buying a Forex Expert Advisor

The entire range of forex advisors presented in our shop. Carefully study the descriptions of each of them and make your choice.

Do not forget to look at the page «Special offers», there are discounts for everyone! You can also rent an adviser for a month, go to the advisor page and select the appropriate option.

After payment, within 24 hours (usually within 2 hours on business days), an expert advisor with preset files and detailed installation and configuration instructions will come to your e-mail.

Download everything to your computer and move on to the next important step #3.

VPS & MetaTrader4

STEP 3: Installing VPS and MetaTrader4

This step is very important, in any case, do not ignore it! The correct work of advisers depends on this.

What is a VPS server, why is it needed, how to order and configure, read in the appropriate section of our website «VPS». There you will also find instructions for installing and configuring the MetaTrader 4 trading terminal, which is needed for the work of expert advisors.

Install Expert Advisor

STEP 4: Expert Advisor Installation

Along with the advisor files that you received by e-mail, there is a detailed instruction. Just follow instructions.

For clarity, we wrote down the installation instructions for the «D-FX S&T 5.21», «D-FX Trend Setka» and «D-FX Trend & Flet» advisors for the rest, by analogy:

Deposit a trading account

STEP 5: Trading account replenishment

At this step, you do not need to select any bonuses!

In the personal account of the Instaforex broker, in the left column in the “Financial Transactions” section, select the “Account Replenishment” item and deposit funds into the trading account.

Get a $165 bonus

STEP 6: Receive a $ 165 Bonus as a Partial Compensation for the Purchase

This promotion is valid ONLY for accounts opened with Instaforex broker!

There is a special offer for the Multi Forex Expert Advisor «D-FX S&T 5.21» – a $250 bonus in compensation. Read more here.

Full or partial compensation for the purchase of an expert advisor.

Exclusively for DocentFX customers, an additional one-time bonus of $ 165 to the trading account.

You can get compensation for the purchase of all D-FX expert advisors per person. The main thing in each trading account is not more than one such compensation.

To receive a one-time bonus of $ 165 in your trading account you must:

  1. Pass Level 1 Verification
  2. Deposit your trading account at least $165
  3. Fill out the application by clicking on the button below

Within 3 working days, the bonus will be credited to your trading account. You need to manually check the balance of your account, because there will be no notification of crediting the bonus.

During this period, you need to refrain from trading in your account.

You can view the balance of your trading account both from Instaforex’s personal account and in the MetaTrader terminal.

It is important to know:

If the deposit amount is more than $165, then after receiving the bonus of $165 you can additionally receive another 30% of the welcome bonus for an amount that is higher than the required $165.

Example: You deposited your account with $300 and received a one-time bonus of $165. Now you have $465 in your account.

The amount that is above the minimum replenishment to receive a one-time bonus is calculated as follows:

$465 – (your`s $165 + one-time bonus of $165) = $135

Next, we calculate the welcome bonus of 30%:

$135 x 30% = $40,5

Total on your account should be: $465 + $40.5 = $505.5

A bonus of 30% from replenishment can be received each time replenishing your account. To do this, in the Instaforex dashboard in the left column, almost at the very bottom, there is a button “Get Bonus”.

When receiving a bonus for each replenishment, select the “Welcome Bonus 30%” and in no case a 55% replenishment Bonus, because in the second option the trading conditions are much worse, which will lead to a drain of the deposit!

Any questions?


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